Tyke James climbing coconut tree in Hawaii


Tyke James is a singer songwriter from Laie, Hawaii. Currently based out of Provo, Utah, Tyke is the lead singer of a band called The Moss. While keeping his solo career alive on the side, Tyke prefers playing with his friends in the band; "Nobody wants to watch me stand around and sing sappy love songs." He tells me. "When I play with The Moss, a whole new side of me ignites and it's the best feeling in the world. I'd like to think the crowd likes it as much as I do." Tyke released his solo EP "alaska" at the start of this year. "Alaska" consists of three songs, and Tyke's discography includes a couple other singles. The Moss has an Alternative-Folk-Rock sound, often with a groove that you can't help but move to. Tyke has 5 solo songs released on all streaming platforms and the Moss has 3. The Moss is currently in the recording process and they plan to release their first full-length album early this summer:

"I'm so stoked to share what we've been working on. Our new songs make me so happy, and I think people are gonna feel that too." Tyke says of the album.

Tyke became friends with Adam Levine during his time on season 15 of The Voice. He reached the top 12 of his season before being eliminated. Friends made on the show remain dear to Tyke, and he travels to do shows with them in their hometowns.

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